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Our History

Image by Tamara Menzi

August 6, 1883, Fort Hembree Baptist Church was organized, according to our records. The land on which it is located was  given by Capt. Stanhope Anderson. His granddaughter, the late Mrs. Glenn Tiger (Opal). They not only used the church for Sunday School and Worship Services, but it was also used as a school building, during the week.


Uncle Simon Nicely and Uncle Bill Herbert were some of those whom we owe gratitude, today.


Spiritual Leaders or Trustees of the church were:

James Bristol, W.M. Carter and Richerson Johnson.

Rev. W.S. Nicely was the first pastor. He was followed by Rev. Andy Wiley, Rev. Mack Mckinney, Rev. Knight, Rev. J. Barnett, Rev. G.L. Conley and Rev. Harvey Kincaid.


Other Pastors were as follows:

Rev. J.W. Blackwell (1993-1996)

Rev. Theodore Kelly (1997-2002)

Rev. Alfred Hampton, Jr. (2003-2008)

Pastor Javan Harper (2008-2018)

Pastor Harold L. Holbrook Jr. (2018-present)


The Deacon Board Past and Present:

Charlie Mauldin, John Jones, Jimmie Phifer, Odis Williams, W.C. Nicely, Shiloh Wiley, George Herbert, W.S. Nicely, Rev. W.M. Herbert, Ed Bristol, Andy Wiley, Mack Wiley, Mack Mckinney, Emory Mckinney, Rev. Knight, Harley Worley, John H. Corn, Jaytee Nicely, Sr.,  Allen Nicely, Donald Carter and Donnie Johnson(Present).

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